TRY THE TIGHTROPE WALKING ! Highwire masterclass with Balancing Pole Under the direction of : Denis JOSSELIN 3 Courses offered : - From Monday July 7th to Thursday July 10th 2023 - From Monday July 25th to Thursday July 28th 2023 - From Monday Auguste 2e to Thursday Auguste 5e 2023 - Scheduled hours : 10am / 12 :30pm – 2pm / 5 :30pm + free training 20 hours of supervised training Number of places limited to 7 to ensure quality and benefit of personalize work. Audience: Anyone with experience working on cable or slackline with or without a balancing pole. Artistic Content : How far can we go in the game of balance-imbalance ? To deepen the fundamental notions of highwire balancing practice. Research on steps and possible figures. Know how to stage and dramatize your work. Know and tame the cable and its balancing pole. Get in tune with the pace of the cable and know how to deal with it. To accept one's fears, and know how to sublimate them, to master one's breathing, to discover the strength of the sound and the mind. Manage your emotions in front of heights and long cable. How to walk and make figures on a cable with more ease and calmness. Technical Supplement : Useful knots to acquire, (basic) rigging knowledge for highwire set-ups, overview of common mistakes often executed during set-ups. Safety rules and hardware standards. Price Workshop : 300 € for 4 days + Membership association : 15 € Accommodation : Possibility on my land by your own means, or in my neighbor's guesthouse, contact us for details. Presentation of the internship supervisor : Denis Josselin has more than 35 years of experience as a professional tightrope walker. Mime, dancer and actor by training, he is the founder and artistic director of the company "Tréteaux de la Butte" in which he has created multiple shows that mix various artistic techniques. For over 20 years, he has been a major transmitter of this art, through workshops, courses for amateurs and professionals or during events and coaching for companies. Denis Josselin had the pleasure of training many artists. To only cite a few, Laurence Tremblay-Vu, Marta Lodoli (Cie Les chaussons Rouges), Mariona Moya (Cia La Corcoles), Léo Schemmel, Christopher Dafydd Keith, Phoebe Babette, Maddly Guillaume (cie j’ai mal partout), Ante Ursic, Aurel (cie Rouages),Mat Hibronx (Cie Underclouds) Migui Tas (Cia Nostraxladamus) Dave Gillies… and many others. Why not you ! Location and training equipment : Doudeauville en Vexin 27150 (100 km from Paris) on 6000 m² in Normandy (France). Several cable and slackline installations ranging from 50cm to 7m high and from 5m to 35m long, both horizontal and ascending installations.
Contact and registrtion : Denis Josselin - 15 rue Saint Aubin 27150 Doudeauville en Vexin - France GSM : +33 (0)6 81 10 26 96 denisjosselin(@) (remove parentheses around the @)